About Us

The sign hanging over Route 495, about two miles outside the Lincoln Tunnel and five minutes from our facility, reads “Welcome to North New Jersey – Embroidery Capital of the World”.

Our New Jersey neighborhood has been the center of embroidery manufacturing since the 1870’s, and for over fifty years we have been a proud part of that community. That history is part of what defines us. The neighborhood may have evolved and changed through the years, but there is still a network of plants and factories that we are proud to be part of and with whom we share an intimate connection.


Founded in 1971, we have a long history of innovation in the processing of rigid and stretch laces. Our affiliated companies produce a full line of knitted lace products, with state of the art dying, finishing and printing available to provide customers with the best possible quality finished goods. We take complete control over the scallop cutting, thread drawing, and shipping.  We are also sewing contractors for the Home Furnishings, Hospitality and Bedding Industries, as well as a leading manufacturer of lockdown shades for the school safety market. 

We are experts in providing high quality work at competitive prices with quick turn-around. Our broad and comprehensive knowledge in product development has led to tremendous success in helping our customers bring products from concept to market. At ALP, the great reputation we have earned is our most important asset. We strive to offer our customers the highest level of quality, dependability, and service.