Don't Be Misled: ALP Lockdown Shades are the ONLY classroom blackout shades that secure at the top and bottom of the window.

We have been manufacturing and selling lockdown shades since 2013. School security and the safety of all students has always been our focus. We have continually strived to make the best and most effective lockdown shade on the market for schools, colleges, houses of worship, and businesses. Years of research, testing and improvements have been put into creating the most effective and secure solution for covering windows.  Our patented design is the result of that extensive experience and expertise.

Before you buy a lockdown shade, know what you are buying, because other companies may not be telling you the truth:
  • No other company can offer a shade with our patented design features.
  • Other companies talk about their patented shade, but the product they sell is not the shade they own a patent for.
  • Other companies claim to have the only patented lockdown shades on the market. This is false and deceiving.  When our shade was patented, the examiner cited and referenced existing patents before issuing ours.
At ALP we take our design very seriously, and we aggresively pursue legal action against all companies who sell or use products that violate and infringe upon our patent. 

All patents are available online and we invite you to see the differences for yourself.  Please check out ours here.