How to Choose a Blackout Shade

Very often we’re asked why classroom door windows need to be covered, and how schools can make the best choice.


The answers to both questions are simple.


The importance of covering classroom door windows during lockdowns and active shooter threats is not “debatable”.  The Final Report of the President’s School Safety Commission detailed a number of recommendations for creating safer classrooms by making them harder targets.  One of their key points was that the first step in classroom safety starts with locking doors and quickly covering door windows.  The number of school shooting victims is a tragic reminder that when an active shooter can see into the classroom, students and teachers become targets.


A blackout shade on a classroom door window CAN save lives.


Schools have a number of different choices when it comes to selecting blackout shades.  The options can be overwhelming since many of the products look identical (and in many cases, the shades are the same—supplied by one company through multiple channels at varying prices).  The best solution should be the shade that is most affordable for the school budget and the most efficient/effective at quickly covering windows.  It is that simple.


ALP Lockdown Shades are priced to fit all school budgets.  Affordability is critical for every school, especially large districts with many classrooms.  Because we own our own factory and do not contract out our production, our prices are lower than all leading competitors’ prices.  And because we don’t use third party resellers, our prices are consistent—you will never find the same exact shade of ours on three different sites at three different prices. We work very hard to ensure accuracy in all our pricing.


ALP Lockdown Shades provide an immediate, secure, and effective solution for lockdowns.  Our shades are uniquely designed to fasten both the top and bottom of the shade to the window.  Velcro tabs at the bottom keep the shades securely in place.  This is a critical step in keeping students safe.  During a lockdown as students are moving to safety, unsecured shades can be displaced, exposing the classroom to danger.  Extra length or even weights attached to the bottom of the shade do not solve that problem.  It does not take any additional time to secure the bottom of the shade, nor does it require any additional maintenance for the life of the shade. Quality is critical and we ensure that every shade we manufacture is built to last.  There is a noticeable difference between our shades and every other blackout shade available.


No other shade has proven to be more effective at quickly and securely covering classroom windows.  And no other shade is priced lower or more affordable for school budgets.  Our team at ALP has been manufacturing and selling blackout shades nationwide since 2013—that’s longer than anyone else. 


We make choosing the right shade for every window easy and simple because we make the best shade at the most affordable prices.  ALP Lockdown Shades are the best choice.